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network jack

network jack is intended as an internet troubleshooting / information gathering tool providing a web interface to several common command line tools, including ping, traceroute, dig, and whois, as well as a subnet mask calculator and a DNS block list (aka blackhole) lookup.

Current Modules

  • Pinger
    - Ping a host on the internet (currently only IPv4)
  • Tracer
    - Traceroute to a host on the internet from the web server (currently only IPv4)
  • Digger
    - Do a DNS Dig of a hostname or IP address (for reverse lookups)
  • Drooler
    - block list lookup (aka RBL query, blackhole lookup)
  • Whoser
    - lookup for domain names and IP addresses / blocks
  • Netter
    - Mask / CIDR calculator
  • Linker
    - Front" page for the tools, provides spot for links


  • It is intended to be easy to add new modules
  • Seperates html code into it's own file so can be customized without modifying the program files
  • Check out the demo


Nothing really besides what's included as part of the download.


Screenshots? Forget the screenshots and go straight to the demo


Source Code: network jack 2.0 pre 1.

Updated 04/18/03

 April 18, 2003
Demo of Network Jack is now back online.
 November 30, 2002
Initial release of the network jack.

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