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'CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users. The primary focus of this distribution is "keep it simple".' (There is also a contributed i586-optimized version.)

I was looking for a new linux distrubtion to replace RedHat (which with it's apparent desire to become a replacement for that other operating system, is in my opinion going down the path of creating an OS which in all aspects is comparable to the other.

I wanted something that was:

  • was easy to get installed and running on the net
  • has a small ISO image that was downloadable from the net
  • had a base installed that wasn't bloated
  • had a port / package system that was easy to use / easy to add to

I found what I was looking for in CRUX, though admittedly the install might not be considered easy unless one is familiar with compiling their own kernel.

I hope to eventually get the ports that I've created available via the web as well as some documentation off how I got things installed and any tips / tricks that I feel might be useful to others.

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