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brigit is intended to facilitate the presentation, selection, and streaming of media files over the web.


  • Easy to install, with few dependencies.
  • A navigation interface which I shamelessly copied straight from phpMyAdmin.
  • Easy to use interface which doesn't require the opening of new web pages to play all songs from an artist, or an album.
  • Made to be able to quickly handle large collections of media files.


Nothing really besides what's included as part of the download.


Screensize 800 x 600, < 90k in size


Source Code: brigit 0.95a.

Updated 08/04/02

 August 4, 2002
0.95a released - Minor bugfix with uuencoding

Added SAMPLE-STRUCTURE which describes directory structure / naming scheme for media files
 August 3, 2002
Initial release of brigit.

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